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           The Oscar Kilo Dx Group Family of Websites is developing.  For those that are interested in learning more about the group, we offer a few interium choices for you to act upon.  You may visit any of our websites, contact either Presidents (Andy - 26 OK 001 or  Dean - 2 OK 001), Jean Philippe, the Director of Qsl Affairs, or Rolle - 21 OK 001, another member of "Magic Team" using some of the links provided. If you have a desire to join, utilize any one of our websites or join links found on them. On a side note, should you desire to subscribe to our Yahoo Groups mailing list you must remember one simple concept, you must be a member first. The mailing list is a separate forum that again requires actual membership approval first by the "OK HQ Magic Team". Thus, your request to join the mailing list and be a member will be delayed somewhat by selecting this alternative. It is best to become a member first, then join the yahoo mailing list second, as your request to join the mailing list will be approved immediately as a part of the "Membership Package". We welcome you to our growing family and we always remember one simple concept that our members are our strongest and most important link. Without you, we are nothing. We want you not only to join but to participate as the success of this organization is paramount upon the success and achievements of its' members. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you find something of interest and of use in our family of websites.

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                         Andy - 26 OK 001                                                                        Dean - 2 OK 001                        


Jean Philippe - 172 OK 101

Rolle - 21 OK 001

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